NACRE necklace with its medal


Handmade mineral necklace made from fine stones and a 0.40 mm diamond chain in 0.5 micron gold plated and 24 carat gold filled elements. It is in malachite slightly polished, without regularity and without uniformity, to keep the initial shape of this one. The minerals used are natural and are carefully selected, piece by piece, in our workshop. Spring clasp. Anti-allergen part. Unique piece. Creation being able to present differences with the photographs because each stone is unique. 

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NACRE is the iridescent lining of some mollusc shells, biosynthesized by the mantle and composed of aragonite crystals bound by a protein called conchyoline. It is produced by molluscs (oysters, abalone) throughout their life and covers the inner part of their shells. If a foreign element comes to find its place inside the shell, the oyster wraps it with mother of pearl in order to limit its irritating effect, thus giving birth to pearls.



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