AMAZONITE necklace

Handmade mineral necklace made from fine stones and a 0.40 mm diamond chain in 0.5 micron gold plated and 24 carat gold filled elements. It is in amazonite slightly polished, without regularity and without uniformity, to keep the initial shape of this one. The minerals used are natural and are carefully selected, piece by piece, in our workshop. Spring clasp. Anti-allergen part. Unique piece. Creation being able to present differences with the photographs because each stone is unique. 
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The AMAZONITE is a stone of heart, it regulates the imbalances of the emotional plane. It dispels fears and dissolves unconscious defense mechanisms that create suspicion towards others. It repairs the scars linked to the emotional shocks of the past, in order to avoid a distorted perception of your present. It is a stone which makes it possible to become aware of the mistrust which scleroses your relations with the Other. She brings an openness to others, without restraint, with spontaneity, generosity, benevolence and humanity. By erasing the fear of suffering again, it opens up new possibilities, both on the emotional level and on more subtle levels. It promotes the manifestation of universal love and brings certainty of mutual feelings of tenderness towards the loved one. Physically, amazonite protects against electromagnetic waves such as waves emitted by telephones that have a negative impact on health. It calms the central nervous system, thus it will be favourable to fight against diseases or stress. It facilitates sleep and regulates sleep phases.

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