Mineral necklace made from a fine stone, a 0.5 micron gold-plated diamond chain and 24k gold filled elements. It is green chalcedony worked facet, the minerals used are natural and are carefully selected in our workshop. Spring clasp. Anti allergenic part. Unique piece. Creation may differ from photos because each stone is unique. Maintenance: do not fear the water.

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CHALCEDONY has the virtues of appeasement and openness to others. She would be able to absorb negative feelings and dark thoughts, making her wearer more fraternal, open-minded, confident and in a state of mind conducive to happiness. It provides calm and serenity while easing irritability and tantrums. She is very helpful during discussions, at school and during conferences because she dissolves language inhibitions and blockages. It is a stone that is also an effective support when writing work because it helps to write in a precise and understandable way. On a physical level, chalcedony is effective on ailments and conditions of the throat and larynx. It thus reduces the hoarseness and gives a pleasant way. But it is also a help during menopausal disorders because it removes vapors and hot flashes, as well as anxiety. Thanks to its calming virtues, it calms anguish and uncertainty and therefore gives us more strength to face and solve difficulties.


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