Mineral necklace made from a fine stone, a 0.5 micron gold-plated diamond chain and 24k gold filled elements. It is made of lapis lazuli worked in facets, the minerals used are natural and are carefully selected in our workshop. Spring clasp. Anti-allergenic part. Unique piece. Creation may differ from photos because each stone is unique. Maintenance: do not fear the water.



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LAPIS-LAZULI restores self-confidence and gives courage. It helps to regain control of one's life, to suppress one's sorrows, to calm the stress and anxiety associated with negative emotions, and to bring profound peace. It helps to unblock the blockages related to fear, doubt and repressed anger, thus helping to express oneself both personally and in all spaces related to communication. It is a sacred and meditative stone that connects us to the divine. It promotes creative expression, develops sensitivity, raises awareness and brings spiritual growth. On a physical level, lapis lazuli has a calming effect. It helps to calm cramps, soften pain and bring down fever. It is very effective against states of nervousness and strengthens the blood circulation.


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