EYE OF TIGER necklace

Handmade mineral necklace made from fine stones and a 0.40 mm diamond chain in 0.5 micron gold plated and 24 carat gold filled elements. It is in eye of tiger slightly polished, without regularity and without uniformity, to keep the initial shape of this one. The minerals used are natural and are carefully selected, piece by piece, in our workshop. Spring clasp. Anti-allergen part. Unique piece. Creation being able to present differences with the photographs because each stone is unique. 
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The EYE OF TIGER stimulates the will and allows us to free ourselves from our limits. It builds self-confidence and helps with decision-making. His ability to regulate emotions helps to dissolve emotional blockages. It is a stone of protection that also finds its place in problems of empathy when a person is overwhelmed by the energies of places or people. It is often used during exam periods with pyrite, my fluorite and citrine. On a physical level, it reinforces the metabolism and regenerates the tissues. It helps stabilize hypertension and reduce mental fatigue. The tiger's eye helps to better digest, to fight against the evils related to the emotional. It balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain.


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