Handmade mineral necklace made from fine stones and a 0.40 mm diamond chain in 0.5 micron gold plated and 24 carat gold filled elements. It is in agate mousse slightly polished, without regularity and without uniformity, to keep the initial shape of this one. The minerals used are natural and are carefully selected, piece by piece, in our workshop. Spring clasp. Anti-allergen part. Unique piece. Creation being able to present differences with the photographs because each stone is unique. 
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AGATE MOUSSE brings us back to harmony with nature and its people. It gives the taste of life, It gives confidence in itself, it calms. It improves our ability to feel the energies and the spirits of nature by developing a vision of unity between heaven and earth. It is a communication stone. It helps to take new initiatives, frees us from our fears and diverts negative energies. On the physical side, foam agate is a help in removing toxins from the body, in stimulating the lymph and the immune system, in diseases and weaknesses of the eyes, in pregnancy. Its energy treatment would have antiseptic effects on skin problems. It helps to relieve osteoarthritis and rheumatic pain as well as diabetes.



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