Minerals and crystals are part of our environment, they inspire, fascinate, influence and help us. Angélique Bernabeu created her brand in 2013, with a new approach to lithotherapy, that of combining the benefits of minerals and crystals with the aesthetics of jewelery. Admired by what nature can offer us, the brand is inspired by the uniqueness of these transceivers, carriers of resonance and vibration energies, to create collections to wear against you as a second skin. Whether worked in facets or slightly polished, without regularity and uniformity, to keep the initial shape of minerals, crystals and organic materials, she works on the marriage of shapes, colors, compositions, as well as emotional and physical expectations, specific properties, so that everyone can be able to find the best frequency of his being. The brand has lines of pieces dressed in cotton pompoms for the boho-chic spirit or 24k gold filled leaves for the country spirit, which it realizes entirely by hand, piece by piece, in its workshop located in the Aix region. Also very attached to local craftsmanship and traditional Made in France, Angélique joins a collective of creators in 2016 and opens in her third ephemeral boutique in the city of Aix-en-Provence in 2018.