NACRE 2 turns bracelet


Piece entirely handmade from a braided crystal nylon thread, flexible, extremely strong, pre-waxed, 24k gold filled elements and a cotton tassel. It is in nacre worked in facet, the organic materials used are natural and are carefully selected in our workshop. Extension chain. Lobster clasp. Anti-allergenic part. Unique piece. A medal is engraved in the name of the brand. Maintenance: avoid contact with water.

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NACRE is the iridescent lining of some mollusc shells, biosynthesized by the mantle and composed of aragonite crystals bound by a protein called conchyoline. It is produced by molluscs (oysters, abalone) throughout their life and covers the inner part of their shells. If a foreign element comes to find its place inside the shell, the oyster wraps it with mother of pearl in order to limit its irritating effect, thus giving birth to pearls.



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