CORNALINE 2 turns bracelet


Piece entirely handmade from a nylon braided crystal wire, flexible, extremely strong, pre-waxed, fine stones, 24k gold filled elements and a cotton tassel. It is cornaline worked facet, minerals are natural and are carefully selected in our workshop. Extension chain. Lobster clasp. Anti-allergenic part. Unique piece. A medal is engraved in the name of the brand. Maintenance: avoid contact with water.

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CORNALINE helps concentration by absorbing thoughts that are dispelled and bringing the mind back to the present moment. It gives a sense of responsibility and gives will and courage to trials and failures. It promotes the relationship by strengthening the voice and emphasizing personal expression and communication. It soothes anger by absorbing it and promotes calm and well-being. It is a powerful energy stone, it stabilizes, motivates and stimulates. It is excellent to find dynamism and vitality. It helps to become aware of the beauty of life and the strength of love. On a physical level, it can relieve abdominal pain and digestion by energizing the intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and pancreas. By acting on the purification of body fluids and the memory of interstitial cell fluids, it can help eliminate toxins and activate the body's defenses. It is a recommended stone for pregnant women.


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