YELLOW AGATE 2 turns bracelet


Piece entirely handmade from a nylon braided crystal wire, flexible, extremely strong, pre-waxed, gemstones, gold-plated 24-carat gold elements and a tassel. cotton. It is made of yellow agate worked in facet, the minerals used are natural and are carefully selected in our workshop. Extension chain. Lobster clasp. Anti-allergenic part. Unique piece. A medal is engraved in the name of the brand. Maintenance: avoid contact with water.

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AGATE's main property is a stone of luck and an anchor stone. Its properties and virtues revolve around a contribution to the level of physical, emotional and intellectual balance by allowing those who wear it to overcome any type of energy blockage. It helps stabilize the aura or energy of the physical body. It is a stone that soothes anxieties, soothes and harmonizes yin and yang. It helps each person to gain self-confidence and to accept themselves as they are. She brings courage to the wearer. It promotes clairvoyance, the recording of different lived experiences and contemplation. It removes inner anger and dispels all internally disturbing elements and emotional shocks to create a sense of security. On the physical level, the agate can draw from its own source the forces needed to cope with everyday life. It harmonizes the nervous system and provides the body with the oxygen it needs. Beneficial to the lungs, red blood cells, skin and endocrine glands. It stimulates the digestion and the elimination of the toxins and is effective in case of infection of the skin.


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