Piece made by hand from a fine stone or organic material worked facet or slightly polished, without regularity and without uniformity, to keep their original shape, a 0.40 mm diamond chain in gold plated 0.5 microns and 24k gold filled elements such as diamond beads in 5, 3 and 2 mm. The minerals used, transceivers, carrier of resonance and vibration energies, are natural and are carefully selected in our workshop. We offer a wide choice of mineral collars to wear against you as a second skin, according to your emotional and physical expectations, the specific properties, composition, shape and color of natural stones and crystals. Unique piece. Spring clasp. Anti-allergenic part. Creation may differ from photos because each stone is unique. Maintenance : do not fear the water.



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RED CORAL necklace

Organic necklace made from a 0.5 micron gold-plated diamond chain and 24k gold filled elements. It is in slightly polished red coral, without regularity and uniformity, to keep the initial shape of it. The organic materials used are natural and are carefully selected, piece by piece, in our workshop. Spring clasp. Anti-allergenic part. Unique piece. Creation may differ from photos because each subject is unique. Maintenance: do not fear the water.